Call Firewall

Call Firewall 1.4

Reject unwanted incoming calls


  • Lots of filtering options
  • Very clear and simple interface
  • Runs in the background without slowing your system
  • SMS registering facility for blocked callers


  • You might never speak to anyone again!


Call Firewall is designed to block certain numbers from calling your phone.
Don't get me wrong, mobile phones are great and everything, but there are times when they can ruin your life a bit.
You know the sort of thing I'm talking about - your boss calling you on your day off, a telesales company pestering you to buy new windows every day, or an old flame bombarding you with calls when you just want to be left alone.
Rather than having to endure these awkward situations, simply install the excellent Call Firewall.
As the name suggests, Call Firewall works as a kind of firewall for the phone, filtering unwanted calls using so-called Black and White Lists.
Call Firewall runs quietly in the background of your system, yet offers a wide range of screening options. There are several different filter rules at your disposal - from suppressing all incoming calls, to just blocking those in the blacklist you create.

Another useful feature in Call Firewall is the ability to create a 'white list', where only calls from people you actually want to speak to can get through.
The free software can be set to send an SMS to people who can't get through, demanding them to register to be added to your white list.
You should note that Call Firewall is also available for Pocket PC devices.
Call Firewall performed very well in our tests, and effectively blocks out any type of unwanted calls, which could ultimately save you lots of work, money or embarrassment!

CallFirewall basically rejects unwanted calls. You can choose from a number of different options for filtering calls: Accecpt all calls - pretty self explainatory; Accept call from My Contacts only - accepts calls from contacts only, others are rejected; Reject all calls - pretty self explainatory; White List - accepts calls from certain numbers; Black List - Reject all calls from certain numbers.

Call Firewall


Call Firewall 1.4

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